Apollo Horticulture GL100 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant Flowering

Apollo Horticulture GL100 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant Flowering

The Apollo Horticulture Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is an indoor grow light panel exclusively designed and manufactured by the Apollo Horticulture, a leading LED light manufacturer in the industry. This panel consists of a 100-LED light chips at 3 watts and full spectrum. It is also designed with 3 pieces of quiet cooling fans and it comes with a 6” power cord. This panel is also ideal for hanging because it comes with a stainless steel hanging kit.

This LED grow light provides the right amount of light that is essential to the optimal growth of the plants. The panel can be hanged above the plant area covering the space of up to 8 to 9 square feet for the vegetative stage and 6 to 7 square feet for the flowering and blooming stage of the plant. No ballast is required to operate this panel.

Pros and Cons of the Apollo Horticulture Full Spectrum LED Grow Light (300W)


  • Handy and Compact

This LED grow light panel is designed to be handy no compact for easy usability and for easy installation. It is compact in its design and it does not need additional equipment to operate. At its design, it comes with amazing features that provide benefits to the plants. Aside from that, this panel requires small space and you can choose to hang it with its hanging kit, which a great space-saving technology.

  • For All Sorts of Indoor Plants

If you are growing different types of indoor plants, this is one of the best option for grow light. It provides exceptional light that is good for all sorts of seedlings and flowering plants. Your plants will benefit a lot from this light and you will get a great improvement in the yields of the plants.

  • Energy Efficient

The Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is in 3-watt 100 chips and works well at a very low power consumption. Compared to the conventional grow lamps, this GL100 LED grow requires low amount of energy to light up the plants. With the LED lights that are powerful and bright, the panel so 100 chips in 3 watts works at only 170 watt power outage. It provides the kind of light at the right spectrum for the healthy growth of the plants all throughout the stages.

  • Long Lifespan

Apollo Horticulture produces durable and long lasting grow light panels. This LED grow light has 100 branded and original Epistarchips, offering a 50,000 hours of service. This makes the panel able to endure at least 15 years of operation.

  • Low Heat 

This panel comes with three cooling fans. It keeps the panel working at low temperature, reducing heat in the area. This also reduces the possibility of the panel from being damaged, allowing the panel to last for a longer period of time.

  • High Yielding 

The light provided by this panel makes the plants to grow in significant increase and improvement. In grow setting, the plants get the right amount of light they need to grow healthy, long, and rich. In flowering stage, the plants are able to bloom in maximum level, yielding the fruits more than what is expected.

  • Saves Money  Over  Time 

The use of LED lights in growing plants becomes very popular not only because this kind of light is durable and long lasting, but also because it saves money over time in the power consumption, replacement of bulbs, and in saving on cost of operation since there is no air conditioner required, neither large ballast required, to use this panel. More than the cost of the panel itself, using this kind of light is proven to be cost-efficient in terms of electricity.

  • Affordable

Compared to other Led grow light panel of the same specifications, the GL100 by Apollo Horticulture is much affordable. It is almost half of the price of other competing brands in the market today. This panel also boasts of its durability, allowing you to use for a longer period of time without the need to replace the bulbs from time to time. (more…)

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Some Landscape Lighting for Flagpoles

Some Landscape Lighting for Flagpoles

Planning your ideal new yard, or giving your existing one a complete overhaul calls for a dozen landscaping tips and an infinite supply of patience. An ideal landscape is your haven for relaxation and solitude.

A newer addition over years has been adding something as unique as a flagpole to your backyard. While it reflects your undying patriotism, it also adds an aesthetic appeal to your yard. Going along the lines of design, it balances the widespread horizontal plane by adding a vertical element to it. Also, it draws your sight upwards, adding expanse to the area as being visible from a distance. It is bound to cause quite a stir in the neighborhood.

Flagpoles can be used for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they are used to show flags. But that’s not all. They can also be used as a holder for another bright light, maybe to add some floodlights to give an angularly lit ambiance to your yard. In the summertime, these can also be used as a pole for umbrellas- creating a lounge area in the summer garden or the poolside.

But while they present quite a picture in the daytime, standing high and mighty against the ray of the sun; at night it can often be a troublemaker in the dark. And it’s only fair to keep it as illuminated during the night-time, as it is during the day.

As a solution, there are a number of landscape lighting installations available and we’ve jotted the few for you.

Ball Beacon Flagpole fixtutre

A fairly innovative design, the ball beacon lighting is neat and convenient. It shines like a beacon on top of the flag, a ball of flooding light in all possible directions. It contains LED bulbs on a metal ball, attached to a wiring that runs through the pole and doesn’t create an unnecessary fuss. The wiring is often attached to a voltage point or a solar panel. We’ll come to that later. Moving on to other lighting types, we have Down Lighting

Down lighting flagpole fixture

Down lighting flagpole

Another possible option is a down lighting flagpole fixture. It is an LED, attached on top of the flagpole throwing the light downward. It creates a suspenseful, unique aura and highlights your flag at all times.

Upward mounted fixtures

Contrary to the downwards lighting flagpole fixture; the upward mounted fixtures are positioned to shine upwards to the flag. A rather dramatic installation, it illuminates the flag in a respectful, high-aired fashion. Upward mounted fixtures are of two types:

Ground Mounted Upward Lighting

It entails installing a fixture positioned at the ground level. A commonly used setup is with two light fixtures, set across from each other on the ground, directing upwards to the flag for a diamond lighting. It uses fixtures like spotlighting, bullet lighting or floodlights.

Contrastingly, if you don’t want to illuminate the flagpole from the base, you have the option of lighting it up midway. These are another variant of upward lighting fixtures as they are installed in the middle of the pole and radiate the pole halfway up.

Floodlights are a slight variant of upward lighting fixtures. While these are mainly used for security reasons, it illuminates the ground as well. As a result, the landscape also gets accented in this light. However, these have stronger beams and the lighting is quite harsh to the eyes.

Hidden Lights

One of the most famous among this category of upward lighting fixtures is the Rock Lighting. It is a fitting in the stones and placed to shine upwards on the flag. However, the only downfall is that the landscape appears considerably darker in this setup.

Now, we proceed on to the solar flagpole light fixtures, as discussed earlier. Solar lights are an excellent choice for many reasons. Of course, as the name suggests, it uses sunlight as its central power source. It is, by far, the best and most efficient way to save electricity and gives a lot of light.

A solar flagpole lighting works in a similar way as any other solar light fixture. It uses a solar panel to gather sunlight energy. The energy then, in a process result of electrons and protons, produces a current which in turn produces power to light up the fixture. Most of these fixtures have automatic sensors and turn on autonomously as the sun goes down.

It saves you from the trouble of switching the lights on and off.

From the monetary point of view, it seems like a substantial cost, but in reality is the most efficient form of investment to your pockets and the ecosystem in the long run.

So while there are plenty of ways to make your yard look unique and patriotic, try adding a solar flagpole lighting fixture and make your mark of a considerate citizen and human being to the environment.

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Success For A Garden In The Backyard

Success For A Garden In The Backyard

It’s easy to walk in to a persons home, aiming for the front door and be impressed by the gardening skills that they have – but your enjoyment of their friendship is always going to be cemented in the backyard.

The backyard is where all the fun happens. It’s the place where you have those memorable barbecues, it’s the place where the dogs go to roll on the grass and it’s the place where kids get their first real taste of the natural world. Those first steps and the rough and tumble of friends and family – that’s what a backyard is all about. That’s why backyard gardening is probably the most challenging part of the upkeep of any home.

Most backyards feature significant amounts of lawn – and this is where every homeowner will be concentrating their efforts to make that garden the pride and joy of their home. Lawns can be challenging as far as upkeep is concerned. It’s not a simple matter of mowing every now and then. Keeping a lawn in tip top shape is a task that will challenge every home owner who wants their garden project to be a success.

Firstly there is the matter of which type of grass to use on the lawn. Every region has native grass that will flourish in the naturally prevalent conditions.

Given that many regions are under threat of water restrictions it is important that the homeowner chooses native grass types that are able to tolerate annual rainfall patterns. (more…)

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How To Pick The Right Solar Umbrella Lights for Your Garden?

How To Pick The Right Solar Umbrella Lights for Your Garden?

Saving money and resources are crucial component of several shopping decisions. Every day numerous individuals buy items to enhance their house and garden for outdoor activities. You will find numerous patio and garden accessories which are now available with photovoltaic choices. Solar patio lights and solar umbrella lights have turn out to be an extremely popular alternatives to traditional outdoor lighting. Use the steps beneath to help you select the solar patio umbrella equipment and lighting to meet your needs.


  1. Determine the solar umbrella lights’ goal first.!!!.

The initial step in selecting the solar lights that will work with your umbrella is deciding the principal purpose for the lights. The solar equipment and lighting may be a decorative feature that can add minimal light on top from the umbrella. The equipment and lighting may well serve a diverse purpose and need to be a lot brighter or located under the umbrella. Know about what you will probably be making use of the solar umbrella lights for and then look on the obtainable products to determine which one will very best fit your requirements. (more…)

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How to Install a Low Voltage Landscape Lighting System?

How to Install a Low Voltage Landscape Lighting System?

After you have decided what features you want to highlight, sketched the layout on a notepad, and purchased a landscape lighting kit and/or lighting fixtures, cable, transformer (power pack), and connectors, it’s time to install your lights.

Before digging though, you should call 811 to have your utility company mark the location of any underground wires and pipes before you dig. Even if you think there is nothing underground to worry about, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The service is free, so go ahead and use it to avoid any dangerous and expensive surprises.

Step 1: Layout the Components 

You first step is to lay out all of the components of your system – the light fixtures, connectors, cable, junction box, and transformer in the exact locations you wish to place them.  By doing this you can quickly identify any missing any parts, and make last-minute changes in the positioning of the lights.

Avoid placing fixtures in areas where they may be damaged by mowers, traffic, or water. When you have laid it out and confirmed you have all of the necessary components, you can begin installation. (more…)

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Adding Aesthetic Value to Your Garden with Garden Lights

Adding Aesthetic Value to Your Garden with Garden Lights

Garden lights adds alternative dimensions to your garden. There is no denying that outdoor lighting can provide you with totally different view in the night time and extend your day. Whether you are planning a summer barbecue, or want to spend some relaxed nights at your patio, choosing the right garden lighting can help you make the best use of your garden area.

The main part of the garden lightning process is about choosing creative garden lighting effects for the terrace, deck, and garden area. Consulting a professional should help you make the right selection. In this post, we’ll explore some innovative garden lights that you can opt for when planning garden lighting.

Electric Lights

Electric lights are used to illuminate the different corners of the garden. They are affordable and simple to apply. All you need is to put some strands of twinkling lights on your garden shrubs, fences, and hang some on the trees. You can extend these lights to any extent that you want and make your garden twinkle even on the darkest night of the year.

You can use metal or plastic hooks to hang the lights on different corners of your night garden. Metals nails a can also be used. Make sure that the lights you buy have red holographic UL seal to ensure that it is tested for outdoor safety.

Solar Lights

Also known as eco-friendly lights, solar lights not only help you save energy bills, but also ensure that you get best quality lightning all the time without any any hindrance. These light models come with solar panels that absorb energy from the sun, and automatically turn on the lights as the sun sets. (more…)

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Decorating Your Yard with Artwork

Decorating Your Yard with Artwork

Decorating your yard has never been as easy or as fun as it can be with the addition of garden art and accessories.  Garden or yard art can really spruce up your outdoor space in no time.  So many people forget this area of their home when decorating, but it can be so simple to add appeal to the outside of your home with just a few additions of yard art or a couple of decorative additions in your yard or garden.

Garden art is a booming enterprise that keeps getting bigger with every season.  There are tons of choices for yard art, from whimsical to classical, from metal art to painted pieces to glass sculptures.  You can add garden statues, metal sculptures, gazing balls or even garden flags.  You can also add yard art that reflects each changing season, holiday or a special event.

One way that you can also decorate your outdoor space is through the artistic and creative use of outside lighting.  A popular addition to yards today is to add an interesting lighting feature or two, such as an outdoor wall sconce or a hanging lantern.  These small touches are not only practical, by adding light where you need it, but they really enhance the beauty of your outdoor area and can be very decorative in nature. (more…)

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Relax With A Solar Fountain

Relax With A Solar Fountain

The backyard and garden of your home can sometimes be quite a simple place.  The space can be barren and drab or, with a few additions, it can be a place of beauty, relaxation and tranquility.  It’s worth adding a few accessories to your garden area so that you can brighten it up, add interest, relax and make it a space that you look forward to spending time in.  And when it comes to adding garden accessories, none have quite as much impact as a dazzling solar fountain.  From the sound of the water trickling, to the overall beautiful appearance of the fountain itself, solar fountains can really give a stylish look to your garden, making it a pleasure to sit outside.

The great thing about installing a solar fountain in your yard or garden is that you don’t need to assemble it in any way or run any type of wiring to get it working.  There are also no unpleasant wires to get tangled in or to detract from the look of the fountain. You just purchase the solar fountain style you like best and you’re ready to place it anywhere you see fit and simply start enjoying it. (more…)

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The Garden and Landscape Design Trends of 2018

The Garden and Landscape Design Trends of 2018

My predictions for the garden and landscape design trends of 2018 are, I hope, as good as anybody else’s unless, of course, they have had the advantage of a working crystal ball or some divine intervention, which would, I am sure, be outside the rules of fair competition!

Anyway, I am basing my predictions on my perception of what is happening in the industry from recent attendance at related conferences and events, discussion with colleagues and peers, web-postings, current literature, as well as wider trends and influences that affect us all, such as, climate change. I have also thrown in a soupçon of what I would like to see happening for good measure.

So, here’s my  top 10 design trends, in no particular order:

1) Using native plants to bring nature back in to the garden and improve garden biodiversity, in general.  However, people will also select native plants for cultural reasons, to support their own heritage and local produce. (more…)

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Outdoor Path Lighting- Know Before You Buy

Outdoor Path Lighting- Know Before You Buy

Outdoor path lighting is tricky. Done improperly and well, we’ve all seen the too-bright runway effect haven’t we?

But used wisely, path lighting can be a great asset to a home, changing the feel of the exterior dramatically.

Looking to boost your home’s curb appeal? It requires planning, an understanding of power and strategic placement.

Planning for Efficiency? Plan to Save on Your Electric Bill:

Cost, materials and durability are important things to consider when shopping for any fixture. But with the growing green movement, many homeowners are starting to think about efficiency.

Getting more for your money is always a good thing; getting more while consuming less energy? Even better.

When it comes to path lighting, there are a few things you can incorporate that can help your home–and your wallet–save green. (more…)

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