Success For A Garden In The Backyard

Success For A Garden In The Backyard

It’s easy to walk in to a persons home, aiming for the front door and be impressed by the gardening skills that they have – but your enjoyment of their friendship is always going to be cemented in the backyard.

The backyard is where all the fun happens. It’s the place where you have those memorable barbecues, it’s the place where the dogs go to roll on the grass and it’s the place where kids get their first real taste of the natural world. Those first steps and the rough and tumble of friends and family – that’s what a backyard is all about. That’s why backyard gardening is probably the most challenging part of the upkeep of any home.

Most backyards feature significant amounts of lawn – and this is where every homeowner will be concentrating their efforts to make that garden the pride and joy of their home. Lawns can be challenging as far as upkeep is concerned. It’s not a simple matter of mowing every now and then. Keeping a lawn in tip top shape is a task that will challenge every home owner who wants their garden project to be a success.

Firstly there is the matter of which type of grass to use on the lawn. Every region has native grass that will flourish in the naturally prevalent conditions.

Given that many regions are under threat of water restrictions it is important that the homeowner chooses native grass types that are able to tolerate annual rainfall patterns.

In addition there is also the question of fertilizers and composts. It is extremely important for the homeowner to choose a grass type that fits into their unique lifestyles. For many this means reducing the amount of man made pesticides and other material that is used to keep the grass in shape.

Am alternative approach to this type of gardening is to use only local species of plants and grass. Many of these species are extremely frugal when it comes to water consumption. There is another approach to backyard gardening as well which is called Xeriscaping. This involves the use of plants which are not only attractive, but are also part of the natural landscape. By using these plants and this approach the homeowner can not only reduce the impact of water intensive irrigation but also the impact of introducing foreign species to a formerly pristine environment.

Xeriscaping is also preferred in those regions where the natural flora and fauna is under threat. By approaching a backyard environment that mimics the natural environment the homeowner will not only save money as far as water usage is concerned but will also be contributing to providing insects and other fauna with an opportunity to pollinate plants in the natural environment.

Your backyard can not only be a place for fun – but it can also contribute to making your area a better place for animals, insects as well as the people that pay you a visit. Make sure that you take advantage of that space.

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