Adding Aesthetic Value to Your Garden with Garden Lights

Adding Aesthetic Value to Your Garden with Garden Lights

Garden lights adds alternative dimensions to your garden. There is no denying that outdoor lighting can provide you with totally different view in the night time and extend your day. Whether you are planning a summer barbecue, or want to spend some relaxed nights at your patio, choosing the right garden lighting can help you make the best use of your garden area.

The main part of the garden lightning process is about choosing creative garden lighting effects for the terrace, deck, and garden area. Consulting a professional should help you make the right selection. In this post, we’ll explore some innovative garden lights that you can opt for when planning garden lighting.

Electric Lights

Electric lights are used to illuminate the different corners of the garden. They are affordable and simple to apply. All you need is to put some strands of twinkling lights on your garden shrubs, fences, and hang some on the trees. You can extend these lights to any extent that you want and make your garden twinkle even on the darkest night of the year.

You can use metal or plastic hooks to hang the lights on different corners of your night garden. Metals nails a can also be used. Make sure that the lights you buy have red holographic UL seal to ensure that it is tested for outdoor safety.

Solar Lights

Also known as eco-friendly lights, solar lights not only help you save energy bills, but also ensure that you get best quality lightning all the time without any any hindrance. These light models come with solar panels that absorb energy from the sun, and automatically turn on the lights as the sun sets.

It should be noted that solar lights last for a year, so you would need to replace them every year. These lights come with NiCD or NiMD batteries. Solar lights come in a wide range of options. So, you can be rest assured to find the one that suits your garden theme.

Battery-Powered Lights

Battery powered lights are more like candles. These create a warm and cozy environment. They look amazingly lavish and pleasing in the night time. These night lights are available in different battery options, including lithium, alkaline, nickel cadmium (NiCD), or nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. You can charge these batteries as per your requirements.

Candles and Torches

Candles and torches are traditional ways to illuminate the garden area. They not only look gorgeous, but also create a cozy ambiance for people around. You can choose to opt for dramatic torches and garden candlelights to compliment the decor of your garden.

Even though you can put candles anywhere, make sure you take into account all the safety precautions when locating a place. Keep the candles away from tree and shrubs. Also, the flames should be kept a minimum of 12 inches away from any object to avoid the risk of fire and accidents.

Applying all these garden lights should help you get the best combination of lights. You can consult a professional to know what options will best suit your requirements and garden needs.

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