Apollo Horticulture GL100 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant Flowering

Apollo Horticulture GL100 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant Flowering

The Apollo Horticulture Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is an indoor grow light panel exclusively designed and manufactured by the Apollo Horticulture, a leading LED light manufacturer in the industry. This panel consists of a 100-LED light chips at 3 watts and full spectrum. It is also designed with 3 pieces of quiet cooling fans and it comes with a 6” power cord. This panel is also ideal for hanging because it comes with a stainless steel hanging kit.

This LED grow light provides the right amount of light that is essential to the optimal growth of the plants. The panel can be hanged above the plant area covering the space of up to 8 to 9 square feet for the vegetative stage and 6 to 7 square feet for the flowering and blooming stage of the plant. No ballast is required to operate this panel.

Pros and Cons of the Apollo Horticulture Full Spectrum LED Grow Light (300W)


  • Handy and Compact

This LED grow light panel is designed to be handy no compact for easy usability and for easy installation. It is compact in its design and it does not need additional equipment to operate. At its design, it comes with amazing features that provide benefits to the plants. Aside from that, this panel requires small space and you can choose to hang it with its hanging kit, which a great space-saving technology.

  • For All Sorts of Indoor Plants

If you are growing different types of indoor plants, this is one of the best option for grow light. It provides exceptional light that is good for all sorts of seedlings and flowering plants. Your plants will benefit a lot from this light and you will get a great improvement in the yields of the plants.

  • Energy Efficient

The Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is in 3-watt 100 chips and works well at a very low power consumption. Compared to the conventional grow lamps, this GL100 LED grow requires low amount of energy to light up the plants. With the LED lights that are powerful and bright, the panel so 100 chips in 3 watts works at only 170 watt power outage. It provides the kind of light at the right spectrum for the healthy growth of the plants all throughout the stages.

  • Long Lifespan

Apollo Horticulture produces durable and long lasting grow light panels. This LED grow light has 100 branded and original Epistarchips, offering a 50,000 hours of service. This makes the panel able to endure at least 15 years of operation.

  • Low Heat 

This panel comes with three cooling fans. It keeps the panel working at low temperature, reducing heat in the area. This also reduces the possibility of the panel from being damaged, allowing the panel to last for a longer period of time.

  • High Yielding 

The light provided by this panel makes the plants to grow in significant increase and improvement. In grow setting, the plants get the right amount of light they need to grow healthy, long, and rich. In flowering stage, the plants are able to bloom in maximum level, yielding the fruits more than what is expected.

  • Saves Money  Over  Time 

The use of LED lights in growing plants becomes very popular not only because this kind of light is durable and long lasting, but also because it saves money over time in the power consumption, replacement of bulbs, and in saving on cost of operation since there is no air conditioner required, neither large ballast required, to use this panel. More than the cost of the panel itself, using this kind of light is proven to be cost-efficient in terms of electricity.

  • Affordable

Compared to other Led grow light panel of the same specifications, the GL100 by Apollo Horticulture is much affordable. It is almost half of the price of other competing brands in the market today. This panel also boasts of its durability, allowing you to use for a longer period of time without the need to replace the bulbs from time to time.


  • Not Ideal For Small Area

The power and spectrum provided by this LED grow light is perfect enough for the plants in a 4 square feet area up to 9 to 10 square feet both for the vegetative stage to flowering stage. The brightness of this light at 3 watts for each chip will be too strong or too hot for an area smaller than this coverage. If you have smaller indoor plant area at home, it is better for you to go for smaller panels.


The Full Spectrum LED Grow Lightis designed to provide the right amount for the optimal growth and bloom of the plants. It is also designed to be pleasing to the eyes with its compact design of panel and a hanging kit, allowing you to hang it above the plants for easy installation and to save on space. With incredible features that include its quiet cooling fans, stainless steel hanging kit, power efficient lighting system at full spectrum and 300w grow light, and a long life span of 50,000 hours, which is actually common to most LED lights.

Moreover, this grow light panel boasts of the results of the use of this light. With the increase in yield and improvement in the health and growth of the plants, this grow light is an amazing panel that gives value to your money. This grow light panel does what it is supposed to do in providing efficient lighting system to the plants. If you are planning to grow different sorts of indoor plants, or if you want to expand your plant area, this is an amazing grow light panel to invest with, and you will be satisfied with its results.

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