Some Landscape Lighting for Flagpoles

Some Landscape Lighting for Flagpoles

Planning your ideal new yard, or giving your existing one a complete overhaul calls for a dozen landscaping tips and an infinite supply of patience. An ideal landscape is your haven for relaxation and solitude.

A newer addition over years has been adding something as unique as a flagpole to your backyard. While it reflects your undying patriotism, it also adds an aesthetic appeal to your yard. Going along the lines of design, it balances the widespread horizontal plane by adding a vertical element to it. Also, it draws your sight upwards, adding expanse to the area as being visible from a distance. It is bound to cause quite a stir in the neighborhood.

Flagpoles can be used for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they are used to show flags. But that’s not all. They can also be used as a holder for another bright light, maybe to add some floodlights to give an angularly lit ambiance to your yard. In the summertime, these can also be used as a pole for umbrellas- creating a lounge area in the summer garden or the poolside.

But while they present quite a picture in the daytime, standing high and mighty against the ray of the sun; at night it can often be a troublemaker in the dark. And it’s only fair to keep it as illuminated during the night-time, as it is during the day.

As a solution, there are a number of landscape lighting installations available and we’ve jotted the few for you.

Ball Beacon Flagpole fixtutre

A fairly innovative design, the ball beacon lighting is neat and convenient. It shines like a beacon on top of the flag, a ball of flooding light in all possible directions. It contains LED bulbs on a metal ball, attached to a wiring that runs through the pole and doesn’t create an unnecessary fuss. The wiring is often attached to a voltage point or a solar panel. We’ll come to that later. Moving on to other lighting types, we have Down Lighting

Down lighting flagpole fixture

Down lighting flagpole

Another possible option is a down lighting flagpole fixture. It is an LED, attached on top of the flagpole throwing the light downward. It creates a suspenseful, unique aura and highlights your flag at all times.

Upward mounted fixtures

Contrary to the downwards lighting flagpole fixture; the upward mounted fixtures are positioned to shine upwards to the flag. A rather dramatic installation, it illuminates the flag in a respectful, high-aired fashion. Upward mounted fixtures are of two types:

Ground Mounted Upward Lighting

It entails installing a fixture positioned at the ground level. A commonly used setup is with two light fixtures, set across from each other on the ground, directing upwards to the flag for a diamond lighting. It uses fixtures like spotlighting, bullet lighting or floodlights.

Contrastingly, if you don’t want to illuminate the flagpole from the base, you have the option of lighting it up midway. These are another variant of upward lighting fixtures as they are installed in the middle of the pole and radiate the pole halfway up.

Floodlights are a slight variant of upward lighting fixtures. While these are mainly used for security reasons, it illuminates the ground as well. As a result, the landscape also gets accented in this light. However, these have stronger beams and the lighting is quite harsh to the eyes.

Hidden Lights

One of the most famous among this category of upward lighting fixtures is the Rock Lighting. It is a fitting in the stones and placed to shine upwards on the flag. However, the only downfall is that the landscape appears considerably darker in this setup.

Now, we proceed on to the solar flagpole light fixtures, as discussed earlier. Solar lights are an excellent choice for many reasons. Of course, as the name suggests, it uses sunlight as its central power source. It is, by far, the best and most efficient way to save electricity and gives a lot of light.

A solar flagpole lighting works in a similar way as any other solar light fixture. It uses a solar panel to gather sunlight energy. The energy then, in a process result of electrons and protons, produces a current which in turn produces power to light up the fixture. Most of these fixtures have automatic sensors and turn on autonomously as the sun goes down.

It saves you from the trouble of switching the lights on and off.

From the monetary point of view, it seems like a substantial cost, but in reality is the most efficient form of investment to your pockets and the ecosystem in the long run.

So while there are plenty of ways to make your yard look unique and patriotic, try adding a solar flagpole lighting fixture and make your mark of a considerate citizen and human being to the environment.

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